D’gustar event in Albufeira

This could be one of those “marriages” where we are determined everything will go smoothly! Not because of potential interests or profits but, rather, because of the unusual explosion of sensations and flavours that you get when you combine a Carob World product with a glass of a fine, elegant wine…

On the 8th and 9th of March 2020, all roads led to the Multipurpose Space in Albufeira (EMA) for D’gustar, one of the biggest exhibitions and tasting events in Portugal.

And we were there! We were really keen to give the visitors new and unexpected sensations.

We managed to put together all sorts of combinations with a vast array of red, white, green and rosé wines. When it comes to combining an excellent glass of wine with the unique taste of Carob World products, the sky is the limit.

We will definitely be returning for the next edition with new products and new combinations!