Legend of the almond blossom

Carob and almonds share Mediterranean histories and traditions. In this article, we share a story about one of the ingredients of our products, the almond. 

Long, long ago in the Algarve, there lived a king who had never known defeat. One day, he met a young woman from the North, with long blond hair and clear blue eyes. They married, and the king demonstrated his love for Gilda in everything he did, which was also reciprocated. 

One day, the king looked at the Nordic princess and noticed that her eyes had lost their shine, and her smile was no longer as radiant. When he asked her what was happening, she told him that she has been seized by a profound nostalgia that she was unable to explain.

The king tried everything to bring back the princess’s smile, until an idea came to him. To plant almond trees so that, when spring came, the trees would be full of white flowers and it would look as if it had snowed.

And so it was that, one fine spring morning, the king called the princess to the window and on seeing the white fields, she was overjoyed to behold a huge expanse of almond trees in blossom, which reminded her of trees covered in snow. And this was how, every spring, the princess overcame her nostalgia for her homeland.