Who can you use carob?

Recipes with carob are perfect for anyone who has a sweet tooth but is looking for a healhier alternative. Use your imagination to combine good ingredients and carob flour and you can make anything from a very simple and healthy recipe to a luscious and sophisticated dessert, bringing a naturally sweet touch to your dishes. 

In this post, we will suggest some healthy ways of introducing carob into your cooking:


Carob pancakes are delicious and very practical. They are perfect at any time of day. The sweetness of the carob flour lets you create nutritious, healthy recipes that are also gluten-free! No need to use wheat or rye flour.


They can also be eaten with carob and almond cream, fruit, compotes and a never-ending array of other options. Enjoy!

Carob Mousse

Carob is the answer for anyone who loves their desserts but wants to keep the calorie count down.

Sophisticated and creamy, this recipe is the ideal dessert to sweeten your day.

It could be the perfect choice of dessert for your next lunch or dinner!


Square or round, morning or evening, biscuits always go down well. And why not opt for a healthier version?

Carob biscuits are an excellent and healthy mid-morning, mid-afternoon or bedtime snack. They can be plain or more elaborate; there are all sorts of combinations. Put your creativity to work!


Did you know that you can make delicious, healthy and gluten-free bread with carob?

Carob can be blended with other cereals such as Saracen wheat or almond flour, or you can add a little extra something to make your bread even more complete and healthy. Why not try ginger or sesame seeds, for example?


We hope you’ll use this handy tip!