The Mediterranean Temptations Carob Bar is an exclusive immersion in the rich, warm aromas of the Mediterranean.

For the first time, it is possible to obtain the pure flavour of carob in small pieces of pleasure. And without any feelings of guilt.

This delicious bar was created to satisfy lovers of sophisticated experiences who adore immersing themselves in strong, exotic aromas. Piece by piece, the flavour invades your palate and has a finish that transports us to the summer landscapes of the Mediterranean.

Carob and Almond

The Mediterranean Temptations Carob Bar with Almonds is a sublime combination of the most charismatic fruits of the Mediterranean.

Carob and almonds have a shared history and traditions and have similar contrasts in their aromas and flavours. In our recipe, we invite you to discover small pieces of toasted almond in the delicate texture of the carob. Each square contains just the right amount of crunchiness and flavour. Perfection can also be unanimous.

Carob Almond and Milk

The Mediterranean Temptations Carob Bar with Almonds and Milk is an experience of crunchy velvet that brings together the most distinctive flavours of the Mediterranean.

The happy marriage between carob, toasted almonds and milk creates intense aromas and textures that take you on a sensory journey to the exoticism of the Mediterranean.

The carob is carefully harvested by hand and the almonds are toasted for the ideal length of time. The outcome is a unique and refined flavour that lingers on the palate and finds completeness in the spirit.

Carob and Milk

The Mediterranean Temptations Carob Bar with Milk is a sophisticated combination of the intense aroma of carob and the velvety body of the milk. In this irresistible Temptations version, the exotic flavour of the carob is softened by the smoothness of the milk with elegance and distinction.

The profound passion for carob and its natural sweetness creates exclusive experiences aimed at people who love life and take their time over its many different textures.


Carob and Almond

The Mediterranean Temptations Cream of Carob with Almond is a unique marriage between the most tempting fruits of the Mediterranean.

It is a permitted temptation that combines a passion for creamy things with the careful selection of the best products from the Mediterranean.

Carob Almond and Milk

The Carob Cream with Almond and Milk is a refined fusion of the best flavours of the Mediterranean and the delicateness of the milk.

These two fruits are rich in contrasts, with both strong and gentle flavours, and they have an irresistible natural sweetness. With skill and passion, our masters have refined the method of preparation until they achieve the perfection of a delicate cream that overflows with the flavour of carob and almond.

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