The pod

Carob is an elongated, sweet, and mysterious pod that contains between 10 to 16 seeds and grows from a tree called “carob tree”.

The carob matures in the summer, when this happens, the pods fall to the ground and delight local animals if they are not caught quickly.

The carob journey

Among the seeds brought to Europe, from the Middle East and North Africa, came the carob seeds that developed throughout the entire Mediterranean basin. 

Apparently, the carob arrived in Europe through Asia Minor through the Greeks. The Arabs introduced it to the North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula. 

Although imprecise and vague, it was believed for many years that each locust bean seed weighed the same. For this reason, Roman coins of pure gold weighed exactly 24 seeds or carats.

The largest producers

Carob trees need little water to survive, the Mediterranean region has the ideal conditions for carob trees to proliferate. 

Thanks to a hot and dry climate, Portugal, Italy and Morocco are the largest world producers of this fruit.