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What is the #carobmoment

The experts say we should all set aside some time just for ourselves and spend it doing things that make us feel special. We believe that if you add one of our Carob World products into the mix, you will achieve something very special indeed: a #carobmoment. Savouring a Carob World bar or spread at

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Who can you use carob?

Recipes with carob are perfect for anyone who has a sweet tooth but is looking for a healhier alternative. Use your imagination to combine good ingredients and carob flour and you can make anything from a very simple and healthy recipe to a luscious and sophisticated dessert, bringing a naturally sweet touch to your dishes. 

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Discover some carob health benefits

Carob is extremely nutritious with numerous benefits for the health, including: Rich in Fibres Eating soluble fibres keeps your digestive system healthier by helping to prevent a number of gastrointestinal diseases and generally making you feel better. A study published in the European Journal of Nutrition suggests that the consumption of food products containing carob flour will

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D’gustar event in Albufeira

Previous Next This could be one of those “marriages” where we are determined everything will go smoothly! Not because of potential interests or profits but, rather, because of the unusual explosion of sensations and flavours that you get when you combine a Carob World product with a glass of a fine, elegant wine… On the

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SISAB trade show in Lisbon

Previous Next Being present in the right places means we are “alive” and enjoying good health. At the same time, it means that we are concerned with the economy and committed to its growth. Portugal can now claim to have something of a track record where events of this dimension are concerned and SISAB is a prime example of this.

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