In a land whose shores are washed by the sea and which is lit by the sun in a vibrant blue sky that adorns the summer landscape, the breezes gather together the mystical, intense aromas from far-off eras and lands and give life to Carob World. Inspired since 2015 to reveal the Mediterranean’s best-kept secret – carob.

The carob tree bears a rich and exotic fruit which unleashes a passionate search for its essences, textures and sensations. At Carob World, the traditional flavour is blended with innovation and transforms this mystical fruit from the Mediterranean into unique and unforgettable experiences. 

Our passion for authentic aromas transforms every Carob World product into a memorable sensory experience.The selection of the best raw materials enables the senses to savour the pure flavours of the Mediterranean.

Ripened by time and warmth, the carob pods are carefully harvested and cleaned by hand. After being naturally dried, the pulp is painstakingly separated from the seeds, to be toasted and ground for use in making truly delicious temptations.

The result is an outstanding product which provides unique moments of great elegance and flavour.

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